Hypocrites Command Love

Hypocrite is generally loved by people and has a large social circle, thanks to his / her double-faceted character. A Hypocrite is a friend / well wisher / sympathiser by word of mouth while actually he / she is not.

A principled person may take some time to make up his / her mind before giving out a promise because he / she has determination to fulfil the promise.

However, in time of need a spontaneous promise counts a lot. This is what is readily provided by a Hypocrite because he / she has no intention of fulfilling it. That is enough to trap the needy. Isn’t it?

Blaming others is only a false refuge. One has to look in to own person for the cause and try to remove that. A renowned philosopher and poet Dr Muhammad Iqbal (who was awarded Ph. D. by a high class university in Germany before World War-II) wrote:

عمل سے زندگی بنتی ہے جنت بھی جہنم بھی
یہ خاکی اپنی فطرت میں نہ نُوری ہے نہ ناری ہے

Meaning something like:

It is action (behaviour) of a person that makes life heaven or hell

Human body in itself is neither heavenly nor Hell-worthy