Hypocrites Command Love

Hypocrite is generally loved by people and has a large social circle, thanks to his / her double-faceted character. A Hypocrite is a friend / well wisher / sympathiser by word of mouth while actually he / she is not.

A principled person may take some time to make up his / her mind before giving out a promise because he / she has determination to fulfil the promise.

However, in time of need a spontaneous promise counts a lot. This is what is readily provided by a Hypocrite because he / she has no intention of fulfilling it. That is enough to trap the needy. Isn’t it?

Blaming others is only a false refuge. One has to look in to own person for the cause and try to remove that. A renowned philosopher and poet Dr Muhammad Iqbal (who was awarded Ph. D. by a high class university in Germany before World War-II) wrote:

عمل سے زندگی بنتی ہے جنت بھی جہنم بھی
یہ خاکی اپنی فطرت میں نہ نُوری ہے نہ ناری ہے

Meaning something like:

It is action (behaviour) of a person that makes life heaven or hell

Human body in itself is neither heavenly nor Hell-worthy

2 thoughts on “Hypocrites Command Love

  1. I like what Dr. Iqbal wrote. It is what we do, it is our behavior that determines what we are.

    With living with hypocrisy, you can really trust no one but yourself. It is unfortunate but that is what seems to be happening. Lies are everywhere, deceit is everywhere, corruption is everywhere. I think hypocrites love no one but themselves. Hypocrites love other hypocrites. You just have to have the discernment and hope you don’t get caught up in their mess. There are good people out there…it just takes awhile to find them. I like how the Vietnamese in our school district handled relationships.

    I am of mixed descent but I look like a “White American”. There were only three “white” children at the school that my daughter went to. The Vietnamese were very cautious and only socialized with themselves. I learned their language, their culture, visited the Buddhist Temple and helped their children with projects in the classroom. It took over 2 years but they learned to trust me. That is how it should be. Actions always speak louder than the words. Trust takes time to build and again, your word has to be your honor. One Vietnamese woman said to me that I was the only “White American” that she liked. I was there to help her with her condominium and to show her how to stand up for herself against discrimination. I was there to help her child. One man put me in charge of his two daughters on a field trip from school that required we take a train and I made sure that they arrived home safely to their family. I learned so much from the Vietnamese and felt so grateful to be a part of their community and to be considered “family”.
    Hypocrisy on the other hand, would have been all words and no action. I would have extended help but given none if I had been hypocritical.

    In my own job, I had to quit because I felt that I was a hypocrite if I stayed. I could not do projects for certain agencies, knowing how those agencies had treated me in the past. How can you work for people you cannot trust? Hahaha…I guess as long as they are handing out a paycheck. I do not like the idea that someone says they stand for “law and order” and go above and beyond the law to do whatever they want…they become intoxicated with their own power and use it abusively. That is a great way to lose respect.

  2. Respectable Lady: I can not help saying that you have had very interesting experiences. Vietnamese distraction from white skin is understandable due to what white skin armed forces did with them for several years. My subject is Hypocrisy, so, let me cling to it.

    You have such a strong character that nothing should be impossible for you to execute. If I am able to bring together in to a family some persons like you, I have the hope to do some solid work to rid the society of Hypocrisy. I could not have many friends all my life because I was conscious of Hypocrisy. For example, when three friends (A, B & C) were discussing follies of a fourth friend (D). By chance D came to join and, say, B left. Now, they were discussing follies of B, and so on. I used to request such persons not to discuss a person in his / her absence. Thus, I had only few friends.

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