We Agree but we do not Act

Everyone would, probably, agree that Hypocrisy in any form is no good.

However, because the moral failings of various leaders (political or religious) allow the average person to justify his / her own moral inequalities, the perceived view of Hypocrisy tends to be rather positive. This is particularly true for those who call themselves modern / advanced. They seem to love it when authority figures get caught with their pants down. They tend to think that their own Hypocrisy is genuine.

One thought on “We Agree but we do not Act

  1. In my country, it is called “Situational Ethics”. If the leaders are doing it, then you can do it as long as you don’t get caught eventhough it may be morally or ethically wrong. In the West, we are loaded with it…and becoming moreso. We are a Nation of Hypocrites. We are always bringing God into the equation for emotional responses from the masses, or to sway the popular vote with people who cannot think for themselves and God was never in the equation to begin with. I wonder what kind of a God they think they represent. To me it is laughable. “God and Country” is very misleading….it is “For the economic good of the country and for political dominance….and if you want to throw God in there, morals and ethics, then do so at your own risk…but make sure the idiots in the country believe it is all for the Sake of God.” It eases their conscience when they act in an ungodly manner, to say that it is “for God”. But then again, they even rearrange their faiths to fit the crime. So, they can go out, commit the crimes repeatedly…..but the Good Book says that they can do it…because they changed the Good Book….so that they could go out and do it….and it would be alright with God.

    I always believed that there would be a day…a day when all the wrongs would have to be made right. I still believe…..There is a rise and fall to everything, a natural rhythm of the universe…and as one nation rises, another falls. The falls are due to the human corruption component. When there is too much corruption, a nation eats itself up in the corruption and the country can no longer function properly. Ultimate power (as in obtaining world dominance) leads to the Ultimate Corruption….which leads to destruction of that nation. Rome did it. Greece did it.

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