Am I Friendly ?

The above question can be asked by everyone from oneself and there will be no difficulty in getting the true answer if one is truthful to him / her self.

In case your answer is “yes” but you are unable to have friends then main reason is that you are not Hypocrite. This outcome is obvious.

Straight-forward people make good friends among themselves but such people are few. Further, due to prevailing Hypocrisy, they hesitate to come forward. The result: Non-Hypocrites have very few or no friends.

Similarly, Hypocrites make friends among themselves (though, apparently, they are friendly to everybody). They are more social because they lose nothing as they do help a person when it suits them and ditch him / her when it so suits them. This sort of behaviour is disliked by a non-Hypocrite, the result: he / she does not have friends or have very few only.


3 thoughts on “Am I Friendly ?

  1. Dear Mr. Bhopal,

    Because of your sweet and patient nature, I decided to study the Quran and the symbols of Islam. I remember when I was in combat, that my instructor, whenever we would gain over our opponent, he would say “Allah be praised”. We eventually gained victory.
    Thank you.

  2. This is true in general.

    Affirming the post, I see alot of non-hypocrites
    being not aware of this. Some non-hypocrites
    fall for the deceptions of the hypocrite. For
    example, as mentioned in the post the hypocrite
    will often offer help even if he does not mean it.

    The non-hypocrite who is being offered help will
    say, “my, what a good man he is”. The problem does
    not end at this point. The non-hypocrite will
    forget this and keep saying he is a good man even
    if the hypocrite later sidesteps the request for
    help by an empty excuse.

    On the other hand, a non-hypocrite if he cannot
    help, and says the truth, will become a bad person,
    simply because he is honest.

    In this case, notice that the hypocrite and the
    non-hypocrite did the same thing i.e. did not help.
    However, the non-hypocrite is the one who got shot
    for it.

    Is the person who I called a non-hypocrite really
    a non-hypocrite? Or is he just ignorant?

    Anyway, thanks for bringing up this topic.

    Mr. Bhopal,
    Your responces to my post in “Parents and Children” was jumbled up towards the end. I did not know if there was more you wanted to write.

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