Ref: Anonymous comment at 07:12 AM on my post of Nov 24, 2004

I wrote reply to the comment and tried to publish several times but it was not published. On January 10, 2005, I had severe pain in the leg due to herniated disc and I was on the bed till few days back. Now I have noticed that my reply was published but jumbled up. Being so late, I thought of making it a post.

It is true that some parents do not care for or bring up their children well or they some how (unfortunately) have some type of greed hidden in them which may attract disrespect. Love for children or for parents has to be without conditions. If that is for money or personal elevation then it is not for children and vice versa. True that character / behaviour of parent moulds behaviour of their children. A few examples are:
(1) A father, who smokes, his advice to children “not to smoke” will fall flat on the ground
(2) Some body knocks at the door. Father asks his little kid to tell the person outside that father is not at home. That will leave a scar on the conscience of innocent kid which may drag him / her to a false world
(3) If parents keep quarreling in front of their children, it will have an adverse effect on character of their children

Further, love has to be predictable from practical life not only words. If children only telephone or send cards to their parents on Fathers / Mothers Days and practically do not care, that becomes Hypocrisy. And converse is also true.
Taking the religious view, children should look after their parents in the old age in any case. In Islam, it is binding on children to look after their parents and, of course, there is a binding on parents to bring up their children well, but condition of serving parents is not tied to these bindings.

I wrote “why is this behaviour very common in those communities who are considered highly educated / developed ?”

Anonymous commenter is right to sat that “considered” is a golden word here. And that hypocrites are not developed and educated as per the Book (Qur’aan).
That is why I said ‘considered’. However, if you want to see university degrees, some of them are highly qualified from foreign universities. The anonymous commenter has very rightly said:
(a) Right can be done in response to Wrong.(b) Right can be done in response to Right.
(c) Wrong can be done in response to Wrong.(d) Wrong can be done in response to Right.A high-class person will always do (a & b) above. Now, this is magnified if this was towards one’s parents. Obviously, this person goes to heaven. For the person who does (c), he is ignorant and low-class. As for the main question of this post, which I understood to be related to (d), I think the person who does it WANTS to go to hell. That is my only explanation.And that “lastly, I think this question cannot be answered completely without a frame of reference. For me, what defines right and wrong above has to come from an absolute and fair frame of reference. To me, this is, undoubtedly, Islam.”

2 thoughts on “Ref: Anonymous comment at 07:12 AM on my post of Nov 24, 2004

  1. This is true in general.

    Affirming the post, I see alot of non-hypocrites
    being not aware of this. Some non-hypocrites
    fall for the deceptions of the hypocrite. For
    example, as mentioned in the post the hypocrite
    will often offer help even if he does not mean it.

    The non-hypocrite who is being offered help will
    say, “my, what a good man he is”. The problem does
    not end at this point. The non-hypocrite will
    forget this and keep saying he is a good man even
    if the hypocrite later sidesteps the request for
    help by an empty excuse.

    On the other hand, a non-hypocrite if he cannot
    help, and says the truth, will become a bad person,
    simply because he is honest.

    In this case, notice that the hypocrite and the
    non-hypocrite did the same thing i.e. did not help.
    However, the non-hypocrite is the one who got shot
    for it.

    Is the person who I called a non-hypocrite really
    a non-hypocrite? Or is he just ignorant?

    Anyway, thanks for bringing up this topic.

    Mr. Bhopal,
    Your responces to my post in “Parents and Children” was jumbled up towards the end. I did not know if there was more you wanted to write.

  2. Thank you for Affirming the post. You are right that many non-Hypocrites make friends with Hypocrites. This is because of duality of Hypocrites. If you go through my blog, I have dealt with it earlier. This is why the Waderas / Sardars / Khans have dozens (even hundreds) of people as their slaves.

    Of course, generally people believe a Hypocrite due to his being well in the art of acting but, if people have sense of analysis, they do come to know the reality soon.

    Answering your question, a non-Hypocrite may or may not be ignorant.

    See! We are Muslims, as such, we must try to understand what is written in Qur’aan al Hakeem. Allah has times and warned Muslims of the Hypocrites. If we give it a thought we can soon know who is a Hypocrite.

    Ah! There are people who commit Hypocrisy in ignorance. Such people need guidance. I have explained this also in my earlier post.

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