The Veil (Hijab) Hypocrisy in the West

During the last rituals of Pope, American President, George Walker Bush and First Lady of America, Laura Bush were also present. During the whole ceremony, Ms Laura Bush had covered her head properly with a veil. Also all the other American and European women present there had covered their heads properly with veils.

It is also to be noted that all the Christian Nuns / Sisters always keep their heads properly covered with veils which are exactly same in shape as the scarf (Hijab) used by Muslim women to cover their heads. The same covering of head by Muslim women is openly and strongly being opposed by the American and European authorities and organizations. So much so that covering of heads by girl students and teachers has been banned in many educational institutions in USA, Canada and Europe.

In addition covering of head by some in USA, Canada and Europe dubbed as sign of oppression while the others call it fundamentalism / extremism.

If this is not blatant Hypocrisy then what else ?

Further, Pope is leader of all the Churches in the world who is always a man. Heads of all the churches in the world are always men. There have been and are many very senior Nuns / Sisters in different churches. At least some of them may have been excellent in knowledge and character but never a Nun / Sister has been made head of the church.

On the other hand the People in America and Europe bitterly criticize Muslims that they do not let women come forward in the religious institutions. If some one goes back in to history, he / she will find several Muslim women scholars of Islam who were also accepted by all the Muslims as Mufti (one who is an authority on Islam and can issue an edict). Can anybody bring one example of such a woman in any other religion ? No, there is none.

If it is not Hypocrisy on the part of Americans and Europeans then what else ?

6 thoughts on “The Veil (Hijab) Hypocrisy in the West

  1. sorry for double commenting. i asked my cousin, she told me that sprache and sprechen are used. weired thing is that I’ve read sprache, spreche and sprechen all three of em… abi das, die and der fit nai hota ( i can’t figure out which thing is masculin, feminine and neutral 😦 )… dosray spellings ka masla per gya hai ..lolz.. can u help me in deutsch?

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