Al Qaeda: a bogey?

All the video and audio cassettes of so-called Al-Qaeda leaders, Osama Bin Laden and his assistants, apart from Western media, were telecast / relayed by Al-Arabiya or Al-Jajeera. Al-Arabiya is official TV of Qatar government and Al-Jazeera is owned by Shaikhs of Qatar who are the government. Qatar is an American base and her shaikhs are puppets of American administration. In present world of advanced electronics and computer, videos of non-exitent activities can be produced, then why can’t experts of CIA / FBI produce videos / audios of Osama and his friends ? This way they are fooling the whole world.

Al Qaeda: a bogey?

To believe Bush, Blair and Sharon almost any carnage in any part of the globe can be traced to Osama bin Laden. The media blitz launched and constantly reinforced in support of this claim is highly effective. Claims of Osama and his Al Qaeda being involved in all such disasters are accepted without question. No proof is considered necessary. Quite forgotten, is the fact that the mother of all lies, nurtured and raised with great care, was the claim that weapons of mass destruction were present in Iraq and that Saddam posed an immediate threat to countries as far away as England and the US. Quite unabashed, the proven liars start perpetuating new lies to further their ends.

Let us assume Osama is really behind all the carnage he is accused of causing. It follows that he must have an effective, lethal network with a strong presence in countries as far away as Spain, Indonesia, the UK, the US, Iraq and Afghanistan. He must have effective deputies overseeing “international operations”, country “godfathers” directing operations in their respective countries, an inexhaustible supply of dedicated planning teams, bomb-makers and daredevil suicide bombers. The network must link all together in such an effective way that the bombings of the type seen in the UK can be carried out with clock-like planning and precision.

Assuming such to be the case, how come the US with its gigantic communication network and with the best surveillance equipment man has invented to date and with topmost sleuths operating it, is still not able to apprehend the mastermind? Again, with hundreds of hapless men interrogated (read tortured) in the most effective ways known to science, in Cuba and elsewhere, how come it has not been possible to produce a single witness before the world to date to testify in support of Osama’s involvement in any of the terrorist acts between September 9, 2001 in the US and July 7, 2005 in the UK inclusive?

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2 thoughts on “Al Qaeda: a bogey?

  1. Where is the proof that this letter was not written by the CIA? After all, they are “extremely powerful” and “control the world media”.


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