Should one laugh or cry at this revelation?

1. You must understand the environment in Pakistan. This has become a money-making concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped.
2. It is the easiest way of doing it. Every second person now wants to come up and get all the [pause] because there is so much of finances. Dr Shazia, I don’t know. But may be she is a case of money, that she wants to make money. She is again talking all against Pakistan, against whatever we have done. But I know what the realities are.
3. I am a fighter, I will fight you. I do not give up and if you can shout, I can shout louder.
4. Lady, you are used to people who tell lies. I am not one of them.
5. Are you a Benazir supporter?
6. Condi Rice has just issued another certificate of excellence to the general, saying that while Pakistan is not a complete democracy, Musharraf is an extraordinary man. Indeed he is.

ایاز امیر کی تحریر سے لئے گئے اوپر کے چند جملے ہمارے ملک کے صدر صاحب کی امریکہ میں گلفشانی اور امریکی حکومت کا سرٹیفیکیٹ ہیں ۔ عنوان پر کلک کر کے پوری تحریر ضرور پڑھئے ۔ یہ ان کی آج تک تحریروں میں سے بہترین ہے ۔
اس کے علاوہ یہاں کلک کر کے پڑھئے آگرہ سے نیو یارک تک ۔

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