Advice for the New Year

Read Qur’aan for ten minutes a day
Smile for others if not for yourself
Listen more intently
Watch a child discover something new
Don’t look for someone else to blame for your unhappiness
Be free with compliments
Encourage someone that is having a difficult day
Be less critical of others
Volunteer for a good cause
Be responsible for all your actions
Do not fall for peer pressure
Pray more and Worry less
Be quick to forgive others and learn to forgive yourself
Whatever you do, give it your best shot
Live your life in a way that you can look back on without regrets
Bury prejudices
Accept yourself for who you are and do not try to be someone somebody else wants you to be
Consider failures as learning opportunities
Challenge both, your body and your brain
Enjoy what you like about someone instead of trying to change what you do not

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