Things are beyond control ?

When things are beyond your control, to avoid misery in your life:

* You must not decide how you think the world should be.
* You must not make rules for how everyone should behave.

Because when the world doesn't obey your rules, you get angry ! And that is what miserable people do.

6 thoughts on “Things are beyond control ?

  1. that is true. i guess i understand this notion a little more deeply now than i did before. thank you.

    just one more stupid question of mine…if i may bother you with one more question once again.
    It is easier not to get frustrated when the thing that other person is doing doesn’t effect you in any way. but what do you do if what other person is doing is effecting your life, your happiness and your dreams specially in a worse way.

  2. Fairy Dust

    Let me tell you that your question is very pertinent and not “stupid”. When first time I was hurt that way, I gave it a real good consideration with the result that, there-after, I alway remembered what my grandfather had advised me when I was a school boy “Naiki ker aur dariya main daal”.

    In this connection, please read my posts of 18th and 22nd March and keep reading till I finalize this subject on human relation and behaviour.

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