Want to be Happier ?

To become happier, we either need to:

(a) Change the world,
or (b) Change our thinking.

It is easier to change our Thinking!


It is not the problem that is the issue,
but rather it is your attitude attending to the problem that is the problem.
It's not what happens to you that determines your happiness.
It's how you think about what happens to you!

14 thoughts on “Want to be Happier ?

  1. Yups. I might be repeating myself, but its never the situation that determines the outcome, but its how you react to it. If you always keep a positive attitude and mind, then even the worst cases can turn out being only minor. Again we might not control the outer circumstances, but you can control your reactions.

  2. Subhana

    You are right but are puzzling me. Where from you have learnt all this at such a young age which I took many years to learn and that because of my mother’s training of me?

    Tell me truly. Is it your respectable father or your respectable mother who taught you all this ?

  3. Since you want me to speak truthfully, then I have to admit that I do not share the same view as my parents, hence I have not learned all this from my parents.

    I have developed my own view on life and on the individual by myself. Its due to intense observation of people around me and myself. As much as I love and respect my parents, I have always disagreed with their way of living. They easily succumb and become powerless to external stimuli when really they shouldnt. The man is powerful, but only if he realizes it. We can change anything and everything as long as we know we’re capable of doing it.

    I developed ‘this’ when I was really young. I remember that whenever my brothers used to tease me or take away my candy I tend to cry. Afterwards I realized that I didnt have to cry – crying only harmed myself not them – also, did my crying change anything for the better? No. I know it sounds trivial, but thats how it all got kick-started.

  4. UNCLE experience is the best teacher. I am a person who doesnt accept changes very soon. Since I shifted to states from dubai I always had emotional turmoils and i still do but to lil extent now (Praise be to Lord). But I had to change my thinking to adjust in a new place. Your post voiced exactly what me and my sister were talking about last night. We have to correct ourserlves rather wanting everyone to behave according to our likes.
    🙂 Khairun Jaza

  5. Subhana

    May Allah bless you with all success and protect you from all odds. You have understood what Allah wants us to be. Keep it up.
    I have never been insolent but always forthright and steadfast though I kept changing my attitude. I never cared for troubles and kept on working to success. I have been like this, as far as I remember, since I was 9 years but my elders tell me I was like that since the age of 3 or 4 years. After I grew up, I found that my mother appreciated my behaviour. So, I got encouraged.

  6. Comicsans

    You are very right. Sometimes, a person has to change his / her attitudes but without parting with good traits. A proverb in Urdu is “Waqt insan ka behtreen ataleeq hai”. Without emotions, one becomes stone but too much of it or not at appropriate time destroys him / her. In any case one must safeguard against turmoil. It only damages.
    Young ones like you have given me strength at this age when I am heading toward physical weakness due to age. Jazak Allah khair

  7. You’re very right when you say that you didnt really care for troubles. Troubles are a part of life, and soon as one realizes that we cannot escape them, it’d be better. People give up easily especially when they’re facing problems, but obstacles should ONLY empower you and push you further so you can achieve what you set out to. Humans are a valuable piece of big puzzle which only can be completed by everyone’s participation.

    My 2 cents.

  8. Uncle I read your article on deen.
    You are 100% right when you shared your views on 4 Imams. I grew up in dubai and until 2 yrs ago i did not know we are Hanafee. Because I belive primarily in Qur’an and sunnah. And i am not against any Imam, because none of them are wrong. I believe in all 4.
    Last paragraph about respect to our country was something to be considered liken pata nahee kyun mujhey funny laga.But you are right we need to respect our country in every way

  9. Comicsans

    If you respect anybody or anything, you sincerely work hard for him/her or for it. Let us take two glaring examples, first a person and then a thing.

    (1) You respect your mother. What is the result ? You love to work hard to serve her and are ready to lay down your life for her.

    (2) You respect Khana Ka’aba. The result is that you love to serve it the best, keep it clean in all respects and will be ready to die for it if need be.

    Inference: If you respect your country, you respect it’s flag, it’s anthem, it’s every thing and wish to make it the best in the word with your sincere efforts NOT with hollow slogans.

  10. ایس جی صاحبہ
    جو لفظ منہ سے نکل گیا وہ دوسرے کا ہو گیا ۔ یہ یاد رکھئے ۔ آپ کی پسند کا بہرحال شکریہ

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