Good Governance

On August 17, 2006, information was placed before the Senate by Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar, in response to two different questions of ruling Pakistan Muslim League Senator from Sindh, Nisar Memon. He had asked for retail prices of items of everyday use during the past 10 years

According to the minister, beef was available for Rs53.59 per kg in the year 1999 which was now being sold at Rs108.78 per kg. (The fact is that beef was available for Rs 60 per kg in 1999 while now it is Rs 150 per kg)The minister told the house that mutton was available for Rs101.55 per kg in 1999 which was now being sold for Rs204.03 per kg. (The fact is that in 1999 Mutton was Rs 100 per kg and now it is Rs 250 to 260 per kg)

She said Dal Mash was available for Rs32.02 per kg in 1999 whereas it was Rs 69.37 per kg on June 30 this year. Fact is that Dal Mash was available at Rs 32 per kg in 1999 while since May, 2006 it is being sold at Rs 80 to 90 per kg.

Ms Hina Rabbani Khar said that the price of milk was Rs16.72 per liter in 1999 and it had now increased to Rs 24.33 per kg while the fact is that in 1999 it was Rs 16 per liter and now it is minimum Rs 28, though milk mixed with water is available at lower price.

The minister did not mention Petrol (Gasoline / Motor Spirit) the price of which was Rs 22.60 per liter on October 12, 1999 when elected government was removed by military might and, having been increased by leaps and bounds, is about Rs 58 per liter for the past some months, that is more than two and a half times.

Peculiarity of minister’s statement is that she has given prices to two places of decimal while prices of the said items had never been in decimal over the past at least 20 years.

The above is a proof how ignorant our present government functionaries are about affairs of our country.


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