Operation in Balochistan and Greater M E Project

President of USA, George W Bush, mentioned “Greater Middle East Project” more than once but did not give it’s details. An article written by Ralph Peters was published in US “Armed Forces Journal” in June this year which, when became talk of the town all over Middle East, was swept aside by saying that it was view of an individual but the question is that why this idea was at all floated and then publishes in the “Armed Forces Journal”?   These days it is a strategy to float an idea to get feed-back and observe the general reaction for better preparedness for executing the plan. Also after hearing the same idea for some time people in general become less reactive to the idea thus easing the task of the executor. This article has dealt with in depth what is the “Greater Middle East Project” and also drawn the future map of “Greater Middle East”. After reading the article it strikes one’s mind that Army operation in Balochistan could be a link of the said project because the operation could initiate revolt and which could make ground for foreign involvement. Now one can say that occupying Afghanistan and Iraq and threatening Iran of an armed attack could also be linked with the said project. How cleverly Bush administration is getting it’s plan implemented through it’s so-called friends, the unthinking Muslim Rulers. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been declared to be unnatural states in the said plan. According to the said plan, new states of Free Shia Arab, Free Balochistan and Free Kurditan will be created by cutting other Muslim states main losers in the game will be Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The new Saudi Arabia will comprise of only Riyadh and some surrounding area which will be one of the tribal based many states created by taking away most of Saudi Arabia and a part of United Arab Emirates. Hijaz will be made an international sacred state. Pakistan will comprise of only Punjab and Karachi. Balochistan, tribal areas of Sind and Bloch area of Iran will make the so-called Free Balochistan. North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan will be added to Afghanistan.  According to the said plan Iraq will be divided in two parts. The area belonging to Sunnis and Kurd area of Turkey will be form the so-called Free Kurdistan. The remaining Iraq, Shia area of Saudi Arabia and Western shore of Iran will be made in to the so-called Shia Arab which state will be opposing Iran.  In accordance with the said plan, shape of Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Oman and Israel will be protected and all the Muslims countries from the East of Egypt to the West of India and from Southern border of Europe to Northern border of Oman will change shape. Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Jordon, Lebanon, and Yemen will gain while Saudi Arab, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, Palestine, Abu Dhabi and Syria will be the losers.  

Present Shape of Countries

Proposed Plan

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8 thoughts on “Operation in Balochistan and Greater M E Project

  1. Are the Muslims free and independent? Allama said at the dismantling of Ottoman empire and creation of ‘league of nations’ (precursor of UNO, or you may say UN is continuation of League of Nations)
    Behr-e-taqseem-e-quboor anjumanay sakhtah und.
    And the ‘taqseem’game is still ‘alive and kicking’. They are still playing the same just as they want ‘the middle and not-so=far east’. And our leaders are happy to play in their hands. woh jee-huzoori jati naheen. “Zanjeerain torr ghulami key” bhi kaha tha magar kaun sunayga. It is difficult to read Iqbal without tears in my eyes and I remember my headmaster in Kakrali school used to read “bang-e-dara” and cry his heart out after Zuhr prayer while I wondered how come he cries so much. Now I do the same myself.

  2. Bsc
    You are very right.
    I take Allama Iqbal as a great thinker and philosopher. I have Bang-e-Dra with me since my school days and I often read it with concentration. Most of Allama’s poetry is translation of Qur’aan Shareef. Allama’s poetry when read even today appears to have been written for today. Unfortunately, our people started believing in secular poetry (mistakenly) as mark of progressive people from the days of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and abandoned Allama Iqbal. I call it a debacle of nation.

  3. Nizar Baloch
    What the hell Punjab or Punjabis have to do with it? May I ask why are you so prejudiced towards Punjabis?

    Late Akbar Bugti was respected by Punjabi Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif and killed by the orders of General (now retired) Pervez Musharraf, who is not Punjabi.

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