Why Engineers & Scientist Remain Poor

Engineers and scientists can never earn as much salary as business executives and salespeople who are much less educated. This can be supported by a mathematical equation: 

We know that:

1: Knowledge is Power

2: Time is Money                                           

As every engineer knows: 


——– = Power


Since Knowledge = Power, and Time = Money 


——– = Knowledge




————— = Money


Thus, regardless of the amount of Work done, as knowledge increases, money decreases and, if Knowledge decreases, Money increases. 

Conclusion: The Less you Know, the More Money you get


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2 thoughts on “Why Engineers & Scientist Remain Poor

  1. well …engineers are poor because they have no lust for wealth..as the bussiness do..2ndly…if we(engineers) kinda folks get into businees then …we can build the lands!
    degree+ lust+khowari=millionaire!…chill up now !

  2. Shahbaz

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Basically, I didn’t mean only engineers because it is true for all men of logic but then personal effect does come in so engineer got highlighted.

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