Hypocrisy of the Torch Bearers of Humanity

This is a painting of the Virgin Mary by Catholics. This is how they see her. Notice that she is not wearing a mini-skirt. But they see Muslim Women with contempt if they choose to dress like her.

Widows often veil themselves. This is seen as admirable. It shows their devotion to their dead husbands. When a Muslim woman practices her devotion to the Almighty (who never dies) by veiling herself, it is seen as despicable.Amish Christian ladies cover their hair and body properly. They are seen as devout. Although people might disagree with their way of life they are respected. The fact that they cover their hair does not make them a target of feminists as they do it because of their devotion to God.

Religious Jewish women cover their hair with a headscarf or a wig. There are no plans in any country to ban or restrict their right to do so. Their religion orders them to do it and they are allowed to do it to please their Creator unhindered.

Why are Muslim women seen as oppressed? Is there any difference between the cloth that covers their heads and what covers so many others?   Why are girls not allowed to cover hair in
France for religious reasons but are allowed for Fashion? How will a school tell if a girl is covering for religion:

Courtesy:  Hijab Hypocrisy

4 thoughts on “Hypocrisy of the Torch Bearers of Humanity

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  2. Assalaam-u-aleikum dear fellow muslim brother,

    I share your views. Just like you I am also disgusted at the western double standards. I know these people inside out. I know how they distort facts when they have some sinister action they desperately want to perform to undermine muslim identity. Be that the crusade against muslims in Irac, Palestine, Afghanistan etc. or their fight against muslim practice in their own backyard. Regardless of their fanaticism and bad efforts the muslims will inshallah continue to please their Almighty Creator and not these false “democrats”. We need a new Hattin and Sultan Salah-Ud-din to rise to our potential again…..We will do that inshallah! In this cruel world only might is right.

    I have read your story in parts and realise that you have lived in my ancestral city Sialkot…..a little bit of coincidence……now I live amidst the hypocrites in Scandinavia. My wish is to serve the muslim ummah in Pakistan, but how can I do that when our leaders are so corrupt. One has to become corrupt to live in system like that….Though I will not give up hope and will inshallah perform my duty.

    My best wishes to you & your family.


  3. Dear Brother Saqib

    Asslaam-o-alaikum wa rahmatullah. Jazak Allahi khair.

    You are very right. I have lived in the Western counteries. They have never been in favour of Muslims but the problem is our own people who take them as their guides.

    I appreciate your wish to do some service to Muslims. Sure, you can do it even in the present circumstances just by being good to Muslim brothers and sisters and helping the needy. Allah Soobhanohoo wa Ta’ala awards for every little good thing and grants success in good work.

    Fie amaan Allah

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