Religious Hypocrisy


Buddhist Nuns veil themselves. No one calls it sexist. It is seen as their devotion to God.

Christian Nuns veil themselves. No one calls it sexist. It is seen as their devotion to God.




. When Muslim Girls and Women veil themselves, why is it seen as Rebellion, Oppression, Treason, Extremism, Ignorance, Sexism and everything but Devotion to God! Basically, Muslims are the only ones required to cover by their religion, so they are be the only ones forbidden! 

Courtesy:  Hijab Hypocrisy

2 thoughts on “Religious Hypocrisy

  1. Sir,

    I guess you’re in Pakistan. I’m confused why these religious MMA women are FOR the Hudood bill. Don’t they know what Quran says about their rights?

    In my view its not right to tell anyone what to wear and what not to wear. I’m a full advocate of choice, if Muslim women are covering themselves by choice as no one is labeling them loose even if they don’t cover themselves then its nobody’s business to tell them otherwise.

  2. Sue

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Yes, I am in Pakistan and I am a Pakistan national.

    Though I am neither a woman nor I have any contact with MMA, I do not find anything to be confused about in Hudood Ordinance or MMA women being for it. If you read the Huddod Ordinance yourself, you will find it.

    The amendment in Hudood Ordinance which could make it fully protect women, has not been made but in stead rapists and persons commiting fornication have been protected by the so called Women Protection Bill.

    My wife, my sisters and other family women are well educated from having Post-Masters Degree to M. S Enginnering to Medical Doctors. No body ever asked them to corver themeslves but most of them cover their bodies properly. Some even cover their faces. They attend to all their duties even better that women who call themselve to be feminists or enlighted.

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