Now an American Teacher

Over a month back, a Canadian lady came over to Pakistan and traveled straight to Waziristan where she got married to a local man. She had said that she liked the family system of Pakistan and that people in Pakistan were caring and peace-loving.

Duanna Marie Pettit, an American school teacher, wed Amir, a Pakistani computer graphic designer, in Mughalpura (suburb ofLahore) in a traditional function. She says “It is really impressive to note that the family system is very much intact here in Pakistan. People within family are close to one another. They do care for one another. It is something which we lack in the States.”

Amir said, “I had never thought of marrying Pettit when I began chatting with her on the net four years back. When chatting turned into a love affair after exchange of photos and gifts, we decided to tie the knot.”

Their marriage was held in a traditional local style which had everything from Mehndi to Walima, with over 100 relatives and friends of the groom attending all functions.

Of the Pakistani marriage function, Pettit said it was really a great fun. “I wore the traditional bridal dress. I really liked it,” she said, adding with a smile that the dress was a bit heavy to carry with. “I will really miss the colours, the drum beats and cheers, smiles and everything I got in the function Pettit said she had studied Islam a lot after meeting Amir. “Islam has wonderful teachings, especially with regard to raising children and dealing with other family members.”

She said, “I was a bit apprehensive and nervous before traveling to Pakistan because I had no idea as to what would be happening around but, once I landed here, my apprehensions faded quickly. Pakistanis are really very loving and very caring.”

Pettit maintained that she had just got another home, Pakistan. “I will rather say it is my first home now because I am married here.”

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