For Blogspot Bloggers

Due to blocking of blogspot, readers in Pakistan face difficulty in opening blogs on blogspot. When opened through proxy, it is generally impossible to publish a comment on blogspot blogs.

It will be in the interest of bloggers of blogspot to switch over their blogs to some other domain if they wish that their blogs are read and commented upon by people living in Pakistan. Special attention of following Pakistani blogs is invited in this respect.


4 thoughts on “For Blogspot Bloggers

  1. I wanted to vote for Edhi but was unable to reach the proper site. Thank you for facilitating it.

    Thank you for you guidance about Blogspot that you wrote on my blog.

    “Or they can google “JAP” and use it.”

    Sorry for not having followed your point. Kindly elaborate.

  2. I’m not sure if you know about this blog “All Things Pakistan”

    Ever since it erupted n world of blogging i’m at least religiously following it and just love it … you can find a post thre on nominate Edhi …. it’d be helpful … do have a look at it 🙂

    And yah I wish every blogger user shift to wordpress … its far more interesting :>


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