Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

The choice you make today will usually affect tomorrow.
You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying over the future.
If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for.

18 thoughts on “Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

  1. Shakti Mehra
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I use fonts known as “Nafees Web Naskh”.
    Do you see broken words in Urdu writing? This happens with older versions of Windows or when Windows XP is not fully installed. Please elaborate the problem so that I try to put it right if I can.

  2. According to me, your banner has a lot of text in an unorganised manner. I mean, words are overlapping each other. It isn’t giving a neat look.
    And if you use windows XP, you can write in urdu or convert english text into Urdu using character map which is there in system tools.

  3. Shakti Mehra
    Thank you very much for instant response. I am sorry, I do not see any overlapping. Anyway, I will try to find some way to put it right. The only thing so far reported to me was that Urdu words were broken. That was put right in the posts but not in the banner because there I am using a different font purposely.
    Of course, I can use Windows fonts and I had been using those. Later, I had installed my choice of additional fonts and added those to Window XP system. That helps me in writing Urdu with Windows English Keyboard just by clicking on Urdu in the top bar.
    Blogspot was blocked in Pakistan because one of it’s users exhibited blasfamous cartoons. The order was to block the concerned blog but the telecommunication company found it easy to block the Blogspot as a whole.

  4. Well, I cant comment about broken Urdu words as I don’t understand urdu.
    anyways, talking about your banner, “HOME” hides some of your words.Then the green words seem to be fighting with white words in the background for space. and the white thick line is camouflaging the white words furthermore.

  5. In India too, blogspot was blocked for a very short duration, for about half a month. But here, it was an isp mistake, The govt. suspected that terrorists were using blogs to communicate, so it issued a list of 16 blogs to be blocked. 3 of the isps blocked blogspot while 3 other blocked only the blogs. As a result, half blogspot was opening in some computers while not in others.

  6. Shakti Mehra
    Thank you in deed for your help. It appears to be some incompatibility between my computer and your computer. The white line has been made so thin that it is hardly visible. Then there is space all around the titles of pages, that is Home, My Profile, My Contact, etc. In any case, I will look in to it and try to do something to make it appear good for all readers.
    A friend in Maharashtra had informed me about blockade of Blogspot and it was over within one month but here it took over six months.

  7. Really, there has to be a compatibility problem because I can’t see “My profile” and “my contact”. only “home” is visible and that too is overlapping. Which browser do you use? is it IE?

  8. Ok, sir, You are so elder to me. Blogging is common amongst youngsters. Its good to see you blogging vigorously. I’m in class 10th and tommorow is my last board exam. Anyways, I use firefox as I like open source softwares. And, Why do you say that my parents named me correctly, though that is right, but what makes you say that? thats interesting. May I add you on yahoo mssngr?

  9. Shakti Mera
    Being a Class 10 student you write good English. Keep it up. I pray for your brilliant success in you examination.
    Sitting at home idle or just watching useless TV programmes doesn’t bring out any good. God gave me various capabilities. I thought it better to impart what I learned through hard way and experiences of my life to others, especially, young generation so that they do not face the same hardships that I faced.
    Does’t “Shakti” mean something like “Power” ? Your writings show a powerful personality behind them, that is why I said it.
    You are welcome to add me on Yahoo messenger and even on you blogroll. I will come on line only when you pre-inform me because I do not like to chat with everybody.

  10. Well sir, you say that my posts show a powerful personality behind them, thanx, as not many people appreciate that. See this
    I am a die-hard fan of a rock band “slayer”. Their latest music album had some anti-christian songs and was banned in India. I wrote an article about dumb attitude of Indians and got 3 comments asking me to put down this post. I marked them spam and didnt delete my post. Still, I don’t understand, how the hell were they getting affected from a small post on a small blog? Shows another dumb attitude of Indians…

  11. I was familiar with the yesterday, today nad tomorrow ‘philosophical atatement’ but what attracted me to go through was 16 comments and saw Shaki being as expressive as a youngman should be. Encouraging, is’nt it?
    Ajmal Saheb I am always reading everything you write, I just returned home after aqiqa of Musa but poor thing got sick afterwards and I do think ‘keh nazar lag gayi chotay say ko’, he was better today alhamdulillah.

  12. Bsc
    Thank you. Congratulations for Musa’s Aqiqa. May he shine in his life like a star. I keep reading your blog but do not comment because it is always very clear.

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