11 thoughts on “Recalled at proper time

  1. i think every1 has there own definition of problem..
    i prayed to God to make me stronger n he gave me problems to slove,, which i think is actually the scene,, the 1 who get more problems is most strong,,

  2. It depends on the way we see it. I read this in a newspaper—
    I prayed to God for a bike, but then I realized that God doesn’t work this way. So, I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness!

  3. Saif
    I agree with your thought but, unfortunately, newspapers and electronic media all over world (barring few) is selling anti-religious thoughts.
    By the way, do you have a blog or website? If yes, will you please like to give your link here?

  4. Saif
    Your name does not connect me to your blog. It will connect if you follow the following instructions
    For a comment you are required to fill-in three slots asking for your Name, E-mail and website. Fill in the name that you write to open your blog when you want to write a new post. Against Mail write your e-mail address which you had given under Users. Against Website write your blog URL.

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