The People We Meet ? ? ?

During one time in life, Bobby was given a pop quiz. he was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions, until he read the last one:
“What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?”
Bobby thought, “Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name?”

Bobby handed in his paper, leaving the last question blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward their quiz grade.
“Absolutely,” said the professor. “In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say ‘hello’.” Bobby has never forgotten that lesson. He also learned her name was Dorothy.

2 thoughts on “The People We Meet ? ? ?

  1. This is a ?misplaced comment but worthy of mentioning.
    I had wished they would ask me to speak about something on my retirement or leaving the hospital etc. but I never got the opportunity, so here is what I wanted to do.
    I used to casually mention (I wanted to very much emphsize however) to the persons who sweep the floors, take care of cleanliness etc. in a hospital that, ” your job in the hospital is as important if not more, as is mine as a physician or an administrator” but I never got that opportunity.
    The above is really the truth that the hospital administrators (who may not be physicians) do not tell these house-keeping and janitorial services personnel so they can take more pride in their job. There are many other aspects of it that surely you all can visualize.

  2. Bsc
    You spoke of my heart. In administration or any other work, The strength is not more than the strength of the weekest link.
    During a farewell given to me by people who were working under me, I talked of of the lowest cadres and advised them to look-after them in stead of looking- after people like me. You know what was the result? All the officers took it ill.

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