Many Need It

Some years back, when I was being shown around his house by a friend, I saw this displayed in a bedroom.

If you sleep on it, make it up.
If you wear it, hang it up.
If you drop it, pick it up.
If you step on it, wipe it up
If you eat out of it, wash it up.

What a lesson !

4 thoughts on “Many Need It

  1. O yes many do.(I hav’nt grown out of it) I wish I had this with me before but I am sure my children will face the problem with theirs and they would use it. Maybe. But this is good one indeed
    I remember their mother telling them dont throw the clothes on the floor, you have all kinds of closets and pegs to hang them on. I had to make sure their rooms had enough things like pegs and other structures on which they can hang rather than leave them on the floor. Such instructions were so many for them growing up they developed a kind of immunity. May Allah bless them. I happen to be going to see them tomorrow insha-Allah. I must show this to them, thanks.

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