Four Things Can’t Be Recovered

A young lady entered the departure lounge at airport and, there being still 45 minutes to boarding, purchased a pack of cookies and a magazine. She took a seat by the side of a table and started reading. A man came and sat on the vacant seat across the table and also started reading his own magazine. After some time the lady took out a cookie from the pack lying on the table and ate that. She noticed that, after her, the man also took out a cookie from the same bag and ate. She didn’t like it but kept quiet. When the lady took out the second cookie, the man also again took one. This continued and the young lady started burning from inside but kept quiet because she didn’t like to create a scene. Ultimately, one cookie was left and the young lady peeped through edge of her eye what would that man do. The man took out the last cookie, made it into two halves and gave one-half to the young lady. She got so boiled up that she stood up and went away.

After boarding, the young lady opened her handbag for something and found that her pack of cookies was in her bag and she had been eating the man’s cookies whom she had cursed so much.

Remember that four things can not be recovered
1. The Stone after the throw.
2. The Occasion after the loss.
3. The Time after it is gone.
4. The Word after it is said.

One thought on “Four Things Can’t Be Recovered

  1. I got just one word for this post.WOW!

    Everyone would’ve experienced a similar situation and no less! This leads to such an embarissing situation when we next meet the person we did it to. Will try to avoid such misunderstandings and this post is unforgettable

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