Egg to Chick

Nearly everybody knows that, if eggs are hatched for 21 days, chicken come out of them but very little people may have even pondered how it happens. Human beings, with the advancement of science have done many miracles but converting egg to chicken can only be done by the Creator of the whole universe, God (Allah). Here can be seen what goes on inside an egg in the process of conversion from egg to a chicken. I think that the position after 20 days is missing. It has not been mentioned by the photographer that how many dozens of good eggs were wasted for taking these photographs.

6 thoughts on “Egg to Chick

  1. Knightess
    Thank you. These images were with for quite some time. I have many more interesting images but I post images when I have nothing in mind to write.
    And since when you took-over the title of Nightess, Asma ?

  2. Nice pictures, yea it is amazing, He knows everything.
    Hey a am writing from your neighborhood Afghanistan, how are you doing in Pakistan.
    I am very interested to have contact with you.

    Nasim Fekrat

  3. اُردودان صاحب
    آپ نے بہت خوش کُن تعجب سے ہمکنار کیا ۔ آپ کی یاد تو ہمیں آتی رہی مگر سوچا کہ شائد بہت زیادہ مصروف ہیں اسلئے مُخل نہ ہوئے ۔

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