My Memories of 1947 – Part – 5

During disturbance days, the tap water being hardly sufficient for drinking, we could not take bath for about one month. On 6th November, 1947 (about noon), five boys headed by 18 year old son of Colonel, went to take bath in the nearby Canal. We saw clots of blood floating in the canal water. We got scared and rushed back. Reaching back, when we informed the people in the house, we were advised not to go out and not to open the outer door.

At about 4 pm, somebody knocked at the outer door hysterically. I was standing in the courtyard near the door. The lady of the house asked all the females to go to the rear room, send the boys out and lock the room door from inside. She directed the boys to give me cover and signaled me to open the door. As I opened the door, a tall young man in his early 20’s, wearing a sleeping suit rushed in, shouted, “Sab mur gayay (all are dead)”, fell on his face and fainted. I closed the door immediately. The other boys rushed to the young man, turned him over and two of them screamed, “Bhaijan (brother)! what happened ?” Somebody sprinkled water on his face. He got up, shouted, “Sab mur gayay” and fainted again. Then he was lifted by us and taken to the room and all children were ordered to leave the room. Only wives of the two colonels and the oldest boy remained inside. In the evening, we came to know that he was nephew of the Colonel who lived in Jammu city. They had started for Pakistan in Qafla in the morning (6th November). All family except him was killed. He knew the way to our residence and had come hiding and running. He informed that a Qafla had also gone on the previous day. This made us think that all our relations in Jammu were dead. So, we all started weeping and there was no one to console. We did not eat or drink anything. Next day in the evening, Colonel’s wife, still sobbing, consoled us and gave us some rice to eat.

A few days later, an old lady, a young lady and a teen-aged girl came. Young lady had a deep one inch wide wound in her neck which had become septic. They were, also, in the Qafla of 6th November, the Muslims in which were murdered near the canal. Old lady weeping bitterly said, “Rioters were picking young girls. I mother directed my daughter to jump in the canal and not take her head out. So, my daughter, a good swimmer drowned. My two son were murdered. My daughter-in-law, after being pierced with Balum, had fallen unconscious. I with my second daughter had fallen on the ground. Some people got killed and fell on us. We did not move till rioters were gone. We wandered for few days eating tree leaves / grass and drank stagnant water.”

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