My Memories of 1947

After reaching Pakistan, we came to know that the only living brother of my grand father had joined Qafla on 5th November, 1947 and was never seen again. Further, a few persons who had gone with Qafla on 6th November, some how, reached Police Lines early morning on 7th November and informed Capt (R) Naseer (leader of Muslim Conference) what had happened to them. By the time a strategy could be decided, people had mounted the buses. Capt (R) Naseer passed by all the buses saying loudly, “Hurry up get into the buses.” But, at low tone, he kept on saying, “If you want to stay alive, come out of the buses.” Within an hour all the people came out of the buses. Then Capt (R) Naseer addressed the officers of Indian army present there, “Fire the machine guns fixed on top of the Police Lines and kill all of us. Why are you taking trouble of carrying the people to kill ? Thus, wasting petrol and time. Start the fire, I promise that not a single person will try to run.” That created a stir. Then Sheikh Abdullah was freed from prison and appointed prime minister of state. He delivered an emotional speech.

The gist was : “Muslims and Hindus of the state are brothers. Hence-forth, there will be no killing. I will go round and see myself that peace and tranquility prevails.” It is said that Sheikh Abdullah, before accepting premiership, had demanded that Indian army from Nabha and Patiala must be replaced by army from Madras who were known to be neutral. Two days later, Qaflas from Police Lines started reaching Sialkot without being attacked. My grand parents came to Pakistan on Sunday, the 9th November, 1947.

4 thoughts on “My Memories of 1947

  1. Basit
    This is my biograghy. Though left behind I was very well looked after at the highest government level. Please think of those who were common citizens. I have written these incidences just to remind young generation how Pakistan came into being so that they serve this country well.

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