Freedom is Our Right

“Freedom is our right as it is for United States of America, United Kingdom and India”. Say the oppressed people of state Jammu Kashmir.

People of Jammu Kashmir want freedom and only solution to that is “the resolutions passed by the world body, UNO”.

This day all Muslims of the world show solidarity with the People of state Jammu Kashmir in their genuine struggle for their Freedom from forcible and cruel occupation by Indian armed forces.

Powers of the world, having their selfish interests in India, have turned blind eye to the oppressed people of Jammu Kashmir but the right cannot be turned into wrong.

Freedom struggle of people of Jammu Kashmir will succeed.


4 thoughts on “Freedom is Our Right

  1. It wont. Even after Pakistan has let go of terrorism as its No1 export to the world.

    Am more concerned about Pakistan imploding and dividing into 2-3 regions and the nuclear warheads falling into the jehadi hands.

    Get on with life.

  2. Truth is that Pakistan is the terrorism capital of the world. Truth is that ISI is a rogue organisation and that includes Pakistan’s army and Musharraf.

    This truth is known to the whole world. Truth has already prevailed.

  3. Liju Philip
    The greatest terrorist in the present-day world is George W Bush. Pervez Musharraf is only his protégé. CIA and RAW are much worse than ISI. Why you close your eyes and ears to Jammu Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Present day is of Satans but it can not continue for ever. The truth will prevail and sanity will be the rule of the day.

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