Success ? ? ?

Successful people might be intelligent.
Or have had a socially well connected upbringings.
Or be naturally energetic and open and positive.

But following factors have made some prominent people successful:

Make decisions and take action, right or wrong, either way it is always better than making no decisions and taking no action at all.

Do act even when you do not feel like it. A lot of us back down when we don’t want to do something, even though it may eventually bring us to a wonderful experience or goal.

Do the most productive thing right now, instead of trapping yourself in doing productive but not so important tasks or projects, realise what is most important and do that.

Do one thing at a time because doing multi-task creates internal confusion, wastes time and spreads the multi-tasker too thinly.

Have a positive attitude because a negative attitude can be very damaging and limiting to one’s life. A positive one can open new doors every day.


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