Proof of Rigging in Pakistan Elections

For the first time in the history of the country, a private news channel aired on Friday a video unmasking rigging in the February 18 elections in Pakistan. In the video, scenes of polls rigging from two polling stations of Karachi and Lahore were aired.

In one of the scenes, some armed persons were tearing ballot papers from a book, putting their thumb impression, stamping on the symbol of their favourite candidate (MQM’s) and stuffing the ballot boxes at a polling station. One of the women at the polling station was heard saying to one of the armed persons to take away his rifle. An unidentified female polling officer was also heard saying that the armed persons harassed them at gunpoint and bogus votes were polled after occupying the polling station.

At another polling station, the seal of the ballot box had been broken and an unidentified man was seeing in it after removing the cover. The video showed the armed persons entering the polling station and one of the officer also questioned as to how many armed persons entered the poling stations and how many bogus votes they cast.

The video showed that bogus votes were also being cast at one of the polling stations in PP-152 constituency of Lahore (Punjab).

Pakistan government has blocked Youtube in Pakistan which carried several video clips of rigging in the elections of February 18, 2008.

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