What Goes on in USA

An American Wife, aged about 50 years who is pure American living in some part of Nevada, reveals a bit of her Experience in her own country.

I was told by an engineer’s wife when I arrived here, to expect appliances that touch the water to be replaced every two years. That means hot water heater, washing machine….even the faucets. This last machine lasted two months longer.

I knew about the arsenic (percentage in water) but the same engineer’s wife who informed me about my appliances also let me know the arsenic levels in the water. We try to have as little as possible to do with the water. We drink and cook with bottled water.

America is misunderstood worldwide. It is not what people think it is globally. I spent a month trying to explain the school system to a woman in India who insisted that everything was free as far as education went….and wanted India to follow the footsteps of American schools. It was as if she did not believe me how the taxes are distributed as to the population of an area. I told her that those school lunches that she thinks are free….are not free….and they are so loaded with fat and salt it would make the angels cry. They make the fast food restaurants look good. If I had a choice of serving my child school cafeteria food or McDonalds…..I would take her to McDonalds and get a salad. That is not saying anything good.

Our water system has been on the books for years, for filtration……..but due to greed…..the budget never seems to be able to handle the filtration system that would take the arsenic out or at least reduce it down.

The U.S. only cares about money….not people, not resources….nothing but money. What the U.S. has forgotten about since about the 1980’s is that it is people who built the country…..and companies used to be family oriented. That is no more.

Anyway….I am tired of American lifestyles….I cannot handle much more. The stress of everything is beginning to wear on me. My own family is falling apart. My only child (daughter) is doing her own thing….my husband is so obsessed with gambling that he got a special credit card for doing it. I have no choice but to leave….and to where I do not know….but America is killing me. I have to get out of here. I have done what I can.


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