One comes across different notices at hotels, one very common is “Rights of admission are reserved”. This can mean both ways:

1. Any body can be disallowed entry in to hotel or be thrown out of the hotel.
2. Even the most obnoxious person can be allowed entry in to the hotel and no body has a right to object.

But I would bring on record two really new types of notices which are displayed at a hotel located in the cool mountains of Nathia Gali, Pakistan. These notices are placed on nicely designed stands installed in the lawns of the hotel.

Notice near the entrance:
For you joy and pleasure, we spent lot of time, money and effort to grow these flowers.
Be thoughtful of the people who are yet to come and see them.

Notice at the other end:
Plucking of flowers is strictly prohibited.
Who-so-ever pucks flower will be handed over to FBI for prosecution as Terrorist.


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