Dance of Seven Veils has Begun

General (now retired) Pervez Musharraf had been telling lie after lie to his nation. It is said in our country that the truth can not remain hidden for long. So, like dance of the seven veils, things have started unveiling themselves.

A few days back, Renowned scientist Engineer (Doctor) Abdul Qadeer Khan had revealed that Pervez Musharraf had promised to lift restrictions on Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan but had failed to keep his promise. An old friend of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has filed a petition in Islamabad High Court against un-lawful restrictions on Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan which is being heard in the court.

Now, according to the report circulated by the South Asian News Agency, Dr Khan said that Libya is lying as Tripoli did not get anything from Islamabad. He said they purchased nuclear hardware from the person from whom Pakistan had purchased nuclear hardware. He said he admitted it not because of any fear but in the interest of the country. He said at that time he was told that if he did not accept the allegations, the country might be bombed.

It quoted Dr Khan as having told in a telephonic interview that Musharraf is doing whatever the US wants. He said the US plans to break up Pakistan by 2015.

Bitterly criticising the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he said it is not an international organisation but belongs to the Americans and Jews and he is not bound to appear before the IAEA.

Dr Khan, who is respected as a national hero in Pakistan, said that now it is time to show the real picture to the nation because the other side is spreading false stories one after another. He said that his report would not remain under wraps like the Hamoodur Rehman Commission report because he has told each and everything to his family and the nation would soon know the truth.

About the threat to his life, Dr Khan said he is a true Muslim and believes that life and death are in the hands of Almighty Allah, therefore, he is not afraid of death. About procurement of conventional weapons by Pakistan despite having nuclear weapons, he said they have no value as compared to the nuclear weapons and are being bought just to receive commissions. In this regard, he referred to the construction of flyovers in Karachi and said that in the areas inhabited by the poor there are big potholes all around. When big projects are executed, he added, these are meant to receive commissions.

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