One comes across different notices at hotels, one very common is “Rights of admission are reserved”. This can mean both ways:

1. Any body can be disallowed entry in to hotel or be thrown out of the hotel.
2. Even the most obnoxious person can be allowed entry in to the hotel and no body has a right to object.

But I would bring on record two really new types of notices which are displayed at a hotel located in the cool mountains of Nathia Gali, Pakistan. These notices are placed on nicely designed stands installed in the lawns of the hotel.

Notice near the entrance:
For you joy and pleasure, we spent lot of time, money and effort to grow these flowers.
Be thoughtful of the people who are yet to come and see them.

Notice at the other end:
Plucking of flowers is strictly prohibited.
Who-so-ever pucks flower will be handed over to FBI for prosecution as Terrorist.


Hibah is the giving of a gift whether it is given to one who is in need or to a well-to-do person, and thus it differs from sadaqah which is meant only for the needy though they may be one’s relatives.

The giving of gifts (including charity) is praised, while the withholding of small gifts is denounced as against the spirit of Islam.

Stress is laid on developing the spirit of brotherhood by the giving of gifts, great or small as one can find.

Even a poor man may give a gift out of the charity he has received. Compensation for a gift received is recommended.

The giving of a gift to one child would be an injustice to other children, and it is therefore not allowed.

A husband can give a gift to his wife and vice-versa.

A wife may give gifts out of the property she has received from her husband. A joint gift may be given to more persons than one, and a gift may be given out of joint property.

A gift may be given to, and received from, a non-Muslim. It is forbidden to take back what has once been given as a gift.

A gift for life is recognized subject to certain conditions.

Property may be dedicated as waqf, becoming thus inalienable, or as waqf `ala-l-aulad.
One who receives a gift or any other good from another must give expression to thanks.

Waqf is something like Welfare Trust. Waqf `ala-l-aulad means a Trust for own children.

Dr A Q Khan was Punished because he Disliked US Policies

Investigations against Dr AQ Khan have proved that the renowned nuclear scientist had no links with al-Qaeda and that he helped Iran and Libya to divert the US focus from the Pakistani nuclear programme. Also, he was tricked into making the infamous confession on the national TV by President Musharraf and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain.

Highly-placed government sources have claimed that it was not established during the four-year-long investigations that Dr Khan was providing nuclear technology to Iran and Libya just for money. The probe found that the main reason behind nuclear proliferation was because Dr Khan disliked the US policies.

According to a statement given by Dr Khan to investigators, he thought that if Iran or Libya became nuclear powers, pressure of the West from Pakistan will be diverted. Dr Khan was also of the view that the US might try to destroy Iran or Libya, so he tried to help these countries to develop a nuclear umbrella.

Investigators never found big amounts of money in his bank accounts. There was a transfer of four million rupees in the account of one woman named Sabeeha but Dr Khan declared her a “blackmailer”.

Initially, the US authorities had claimed that Dr Khan was in contact with al-Qaeda leader Khalid Sheikh Muhammad but it could not be proved. Pakistani investigators never found any evidence of his links with al-Qaeda or the Taliban. Before Dr Khan appeared on the Pakistan Television in February 2004 and accepted that he was involved in nuclear proliferation, his old friend Senator SM Zafar warned him in early 2004 that he should not confess anything in the name of national interest because the establishment will make him a scapegoat. But the poor doctor never listened to his old friend.

Dr Khan claimed that it was not only Shujaat but also President Pervez Musharraf, who assured him on February 4, 2004 that nothing bad will happen to him after the confessional statement and that he would be free to move anywhere in Pakistan but unfortunately he was betrayed.

He said he was not demoralised during the detention and faced investigation with courage and spent his time with his family, books and his Allah.

He said he was retired from the Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL) in March 2001 because he had reached the age of 65, but he added: “I was retired may be because I was not a sycophant.”

He said he was dragged into the nuclear proliferation controversy through a sting operation against Iran and Libya. Responding to another question, he said, “I was not asked any questions about my alleged links with al-Qaeda because investigators were aware that it was just propaganda.”

He said “I am not in the custody of the civilian government but in the custody of the Army.”

He revealed that late Benazir Bhutto never contacted him during the detention but added: “Yes, Nawaz Sharif and Qazi Hussain Ahmed sent me some messages of support.”

By Hamid Mir
Published in the News, May 31, 2008