Vicious Propaganda to Destroy Pakistan

The so called war on terror is making mockery of humanity.
The basis of this cruel war is:

Spread harassing lies to confuse the public and then do the killing to achieve selfish motives of some vicious persons of American administration.

American forces keep on firing missiles from their Drones (pilotless planes) on residential houses situated in Tribal areas near Afghanistan border, sometime denying their action and sometime falsely trying to justify that they killed some Al-Qaida member. If ever they give a name, it is unknown or the man with that name is found alive later.

The Pakistan Government has gone mad. In obeying the white elephant America they are killing loyal Pakistanis along with their women and children living in Tribal areas. For this dirty operation, Gun Ship helicopters and even F-16 planes are being used along-side artillery to bomb tribal areas.

So far, not only thousands of loyal Tribal people including women and children have been killed but also thousands of Pakistani soldiers have lost their lives in this American anti-Pakistan game. The injured are in addition, most of whom have lost one or more of their limbs which, in time to come, can generate hate in their hearts for their own country as they will feel the pinch of their amputated bodies the rest of their lives.

To justify this cruel action, false propaganda has been made the basis. News (rumour) is spread after every day or two that so-called Pakistani Taliban (Tribal people) have burnt a girls school and they are enemy of women.

The fact is that so far neither a single school has been burnt in Tribal area nor Taliban have torched any school. The schools that have so far been torched were all situated in settled area of Swat which is under administrative control of provincial government of North West Frontier province while the Tribal areas are under direct administrative control of Federal government, and no so-called Taliban are operating in Swat.

Enemies of Pakistan must be celebrating that, due to their strategy, a Muslim Nuclear Power will be (God forbid) on its knees of their own effort.

May God guide our stupid rulers to wisdom and save Pakistan, Amen

2 thoughts on “Vicious Propaganda to Destroy Pakistan

  1. Our rulers cannot do anything because they have accepted their status as slaves…and slaves cannot stand infront of MASTERS.

    In their DEAL they ‘ve sold their self respect and their Pakistaniat for ‘kursi’.Now only a ‘ miracle’ can save Pakistan …….

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