Mumbai Blasts – He is Our Man

On November 26, 2008 terrorists struck a railway station and two hotels in financial hub of India, Mumbai (Bombay) killing 195 persons. This was, perhaps, largest massacre after 1947 AD when hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed. The Indian authorities, as usual without an iota of evidence, blamed it on Pakistan. Later it came out to be handicraft of Indian origin as in all previous case.

However, the point in view is a news item published on December 07, 2008 which is not only evidence of Indian complicity in the three-day rampage in Mumbai but also the dirty game being played in Kashmir by Indian security forces.

Indian police said on Saturday they had arrested two men who helped the Mumbai attackers get mobile phone cards which they used for communications during their three-day rampage. Police in Kolkata identified the men as Tausif Rehman and Mukhtar Ahmed and said they were picked up on Friday after investigators traced some of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards recovered from the gunmen.

Police said they were pursuing details of local Indian help for the Mumbai attackers after the arrests of Tausif Rehman and Mukhtar Ahmed. Rehman, a clerk, used a dead relative’s identity documents to acquire the 22 SIM cards which he later sold to Ahmed. Ahmed was a street vendor and three-wheel taxi driver in Kolkata.

A senior police official in Indian held Kashmir said, “One of them, Mukhtar Ahmed, is our man. He is part of a semi-official counter-insurgency network whose members are usually former Kashmiri militants who may have been on an undercover mission”. The officials in held Kashmir demanded that police in Kolkata, where the suspect is being held, arrange for his quick release.


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