Words tell who were Mumbai Terrorists

One of the most interesting things about the Mumbai terrorist attack was that the terrorists called a TV station and talked to journalists and rambled on and on about their perceived grievances with the rest of the world. And it was very much rambling on their part because half the stuff made no sense whatsoever.

In the aftermath of the attacks, with the Indian Government trying to put all the blame on Pakistan, it is interesting to listen to these audio recordings because even a cursory listening leaves one in no doubt that the person on the phone was NOT of Pakistani origin. Since the Indian Government at no point has denied that these calls were a hoax or were not from the terrorists, we can assume for now that they were indeed originating from Nariman House and, so-called Mr. Imran was on the other side.

Among a lot of Hindi words that ‘Mr. Imran’ used, the following are least likely to be used by a Pakistani, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun, Baloch, Urdu-speaking or otherwise:

1. Pariwar —- No one uses this word in Pakistan
2. Julm — It is zulm, spoken in Pakistan as zulm
3. Jiaati — It is ziadati which is spoken in Pakistan as ziadati
4. Jindagi — It is zindagi as spoken in Pakistan
5. Naita — Politician. Who will call a politician naita in Pakistan? Pakistanis say siyasatdan.
6. Itehas — History. Pakistanis say tareekh, NOT itehas
7. Shanti — Pakistanis may not be knowing what is shanti. It’s word in Pakistan is Amaan
8. Parsaran — This word is not found in dictionary and no Pakistani knows it.
9. Atank Waadi — what? if he’d called himself a ‘khalnayak’ too. Both words new for any Pakistani.
10. Anayai — About 50 years back a song used to be broadcast by Amritsar radio which had a word “unay-a-aye” in one of the verses, but nobody in Pakistan knows its meaning.
11. Paatshala —- He called a school Paatshala. In Pakistan if at all some one knows this word, he will say it is some sacred place of Hindus.
12. Shuktion —- Section in English and pronounced sekshan in Pakistan
13. Meray ko —- Mujhay in Pakistan
14. Tumaray ko bol rahay hain na’ —- In Pakistan the sentence would be “Tumhain keh raha hoon na”
15.Mudhbhir’ —- Not know in Pakistan
and a host of other very Indian vocabulary that this guy was using.

Now listen to the one of the terrorists conversation with the TV jounalists



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