Super Power arranging her Break Up

One of the spokesmen for United States President, George W Bush had once said, “We are an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality—judiciously as you will—we will act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that is how things will sort out. We are history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do”. This statement made very clear the terrorist instinct that Mr Bush and his advisers possess. And what made them attack Iraq and Afghanistan. And what makes them support blatant murders of thousands of Palestinians by illegitimate child of Briton and America, Israel.

In their wild zeal to rule the world by hook or by crook, they have dragged the American nation in to it by false and vicious propaganda. The Common American is unable to understand what benefits they will harvest from this so-called war on terror.

Colossal expenditure by United States administration (US $ 1 trillion by end 2008) has been made to win the war on terror, in reward so far getting nothing except oil of Iraq and only humility in Afghanistan. No doubt hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed but at what cost? According to U S department of Defense reports over 4,500 United States military and paramilitary persons died in Iraq and around 150,000 were injured, plus 167 committed suicide. American casualties in Afghanistan should be around the same but the figures are being treated as closely guarded secret.

Apart from the hatred that United States administration has earned as a result of the unjustified war on terror, the economy is fast slipping down and United States is faced with the largest recession / depression of her history. Bush’s war on terror has started eating American economy like termite from inside and now economic structure of the Only Super Power is standing on foundations eaten up from inside. If the war on terror and America’s attitude goes on like that, it may result in economic collapse and give rise to civil violence inside United States.

It is learnt that the United States administration has already started working on how to tackle with the in-home civil violence and last year, around 20,000 Soldiers were earmarked for specific training within the next three years to work with civilian law enforcement in homeland security in case of civil violence.


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