American Game Plan didn’t start in 2001 but 1951 AD


Liaquat Ali Khan was the able lieutenant of the father of our nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was the first Prime Minister of our nation. He sowed the seeds of democracy and died fighting for democary.

Liaqat Ali Khan matched the sprit of Nehru and the tenacity of Patel. Liaqat Ali Khan had the vitality of George Washington, and the vision of Lincoln. He and Jinnah did for Pakistan what Kemal Ataturk had done for Turkey.

Like Mao Tse Tung of China Liaquat and Jinnah led the countrymen to nationhood. For a brief shining moment, our nation glimpsed “Camelot”, where we were led by honest leaders, who’s only consideration was the task of building the nation. These uncorruptable leaders had character, strength, and the mandate of the people. Like JF Kennedy , Liaquat Ali Khan was a young, popular and charismatic leader who had led the nation ‘across the read” sea and was immersed in the task of builidng an infrastructure for the new country. But forces opposed to democracy cut him in half.


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