The Power of Integrity

A builder was down on his luck and hadn’t had much work lately, one of his wealthy friend felt sorry for him and decided to help him out. He approached the builder and said, “I want you to build me a new home. You make all the decisions and I trust you completely. If you do a great job, I promise to pay you really well,” and he gave him a hefty down payment.

The builder thought if he cut a few corners here and there, maybe he could make some extra money. He went out and bought the cheapest materials he could find. He did the same thing with the plumbing, the electrical work and so on, cutting corners and saving money wherever he could, to pocket it. He believed most of it would be hidden behind the walls and his wealthy friend would never see it.

When the builder finished his work, he called his wealthy friend to look at the house. His friend was quite impressed because on the surface the home looked beautiful and he never guessed the builder had cut corners compromising the integrity of the whole house.

With a big smile on his face, the wealthy friend handed the front door key to the builder and said, “This house is my gift to you. You are a friend of mine and you have just built yourself a beautiful brand new home.” The builder nearly passed out. He thought, if I had known it was going to be my own home, I would have not cheated and built it much better.

The truth is whether we realize it or not, we are all building our own homes, namely our lives, our temporary future houses (namely our graves), and the pedestal to stand on the Day of Judgment. We may cut corners here and there, deal harshly with people, practice nepotism if placed in roles of authority, but that weaken our own foundations and placing on the day of judgment. What really counts is what’s going on within the walls, behind closed doors. What do we do when nobody is watching? How do we forget that Allah is always watching. As people of integrity, we should have the same character in private as we do in public. By the way, could it be that the rich friend is none other than Allah? Who else is richer and owes us more than Allah The Almighty!!

It’s not enough to have the titles for life and talk the talk, we must also “walk the walk”. Faith brings integrity, the only path upon which you will never get lost. Those in position of authority, if do not practice justice and fairness, simply hurt themselves forgetting the DAY when nothing would help.


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