Join me in Prayer

I request all patriot Pakistanis to join me in my prayer.

“My Lord! You are Lord of all the worlds, present and here-after.
My Lord! You are Omni-Powerful, Beneficent and Merciful, nothing can move without Your Order.
Our Merciful Lord! Please have mercy on us and forgive us for our sins and mistakes that we committed knowingly and unknowingly.
Our Gracious Lord! Please save our country Pakistan which You had granted us for practising Islam and we failed in our duty to do so.
Our Beneficent Lord! Please save our country and us from exrernal and internal enemies of our country and our religion and from vicious / greedy rulers.
Our Omni Powerful Lord! Please make us persevere and steadfast in our religion and as patriots of our country Pakistan against all odds.

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