Attack on Sri Lankan Tean – SoP Not Followed

The PCB and the Interior Ministry had signed Standard Operation Procedure (SoP). Whether it was followed by in the Test matches between Pakistan and Sri Lanka is open to debate.

The salient features of the pact are:

i) Two routes for the visiting team’s travel to and fro from hotel to the stadium shall be made available.

ii) Final route shall be decided by the accompanying SP of the team at the recommendation of the Command and Control Centre at the venue.

iii) Route shall be completely sealed off with blockade of arteries leading to the road.

iv) One hour before the scheduled departure of the team from the hotel all vehicles parked within 200 yards of the road would either be removed or towed.

v) Special Branch police will sweep the 200 yards area leading to the route with sniffer dogs and electronic gadgets.

vi) Special Branch personnel would be deployed well in advance in the dwellings close to the proposed routes to gather Intelligence.

vii) Sharp shooters would be deployed on all high rises on route and around the stadium.

viii) The team convoy would move in a box formation meaning thereby that there would be two pilots (traffic wardens) followed by an Elite Force vehicle, umpires van, team bus, and two Elite Force vehicles to provide cover to the bus on both side and one at the tail. These vehicles would be followed by ambulance and fire engine.

ix) These were the agreed SoPs signed by the Security Advisor to Prime Minister, Rehman Malik and the security consultants.

Some questions that needed to be answered include:

a) Why was Liberty Chowk open to public whereas it used to be cordoned off one hour before the scheduled departure of the teams?

b) Was there an SP attached to the visiting as well as home team?

c) Why were those rickshaws allegedly carrying these terrorists allowed to stay within the reachable distance of the incoming Sri Lankan bus?

d) Was there a command and control centre set up in the National Cricket Academy (NCA) like it was set up during the Asia Cup?

e) If the Main Boulevard was to be the route, was that road secured as agreed with ICC?

f) Were there police constables deployed on the roofs of high rises as agreed, and if so, can someone explain why the terrorists were firing from the roof of the National Hockey Stadium?

Courtesy: The News


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