Before Nuclear Test – The 1st-time Disclosure

May 28, 1998, when Pakistan detonated its first nuclear device, the then-prime minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif through two separate letters informed the then US president and the UN secretary-general about carrying out the tests, a book reveals. “Testing Times as Foreign Minister” authored by Gohar Ayub Khan.

The book carries the facsimiles of the two hitherto undisclosed letters.
“Having exhausted all options and left with no choice, we have in our supreme national interest decided to exercise the nuclear option. This decision, which I have taken with a heavy heart, was necessitated by the imperatives of self-defence and to deter aggression against sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of our country”, One letter said.

The fairly lengthy letter to the then US president further said, “While I was deeply appreciative of your personal understanding of our security concerns, the overall international response to India’s crossing of the nuclear threshold was regrettably deferential, bordering on acquiescence. We saw a familiar pattern whereby India’s incremental steps on the nuclear and ballistic ladder had only generated pressures and even punitive actions against Pakistan.”

In its opening, the letter said,”…our telephonic conversations in the past fortnight convinced me of your sincerity and your genuine concern for Pakistan’s security and the stability of the region”.

“The overt nuclear weaponisation of India has created a strategic imbalance, emboldening Indian leadership to hold out threats of nuclear blackmail against Pakistan and aggression across the line of control in Kashmir,” the letter said.

The letter further said, “At this critical juncture, at which our very life and existence are at stake, the people of Pakistan were unanimous in demanding that we seek to rectify the strategic imbalance resulting from nuclear weaponisation by India.”

“For more than twenty years Pakistan advocated in all earnest the goal of nuclear non-proliferation,” the letter added.

Courtesy: The News

مندرجہ ذیل یو آر ایل پر کلِک کر کے اُردو میں پڑھيئے ایک دلچسپ اور معلومات کا حامل بلاگ

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