USA in Afghanistan – A Long Term Strategic View – 2

The USA was lucky to have in Pakistan on the eve of its arrival a military tin pot dictator who was ready to sell his soul to even the devil to preserve his illegitimately won seat of power.
In retrospect as I analyse now, the US Afghan war followed the following distinct phases :-

1. An initial arm-twisting manoeuvre of Pakistan’s illegitimate military regime to secure ground, aerial and logistic passage. This happened from October 2001 and continues till to date.

2. Pressurising the illegitimate Pakitsani military regime into launching operation in Waziristan when there was no insurgency in Waziristan from 2002 till 2006 thus destablising a most strategically sensitive region of Pakistan and internally dividing Pakistan.

3. Strengthening US military presence in Afghanistan in terms of constructing permanent air bases for possible future long term use to dominate the region including Pakistan,Iran,Central Asia,Chinese Singkiang and India.

4. Creation of an intelligence operation base from where third party penetration operations could be mounted to infiltrate any extremist or ethnic group in conflict with its parent countrys federal government.The prime immediate target being Pakistan,while Iran,China,Central Asian States may possibly be later phase targets.This phase started from November 2001 and continues till to date.

5. Forcing the illegitimate Musharraf military regime to mount another military operation in Mohmand and Bajaur thus destabilisng another strategically sensitive region of Pakistan and to discredit the Pakistani armed forces. This started in 2005 and continues till to date.

By: Agha H Amin from Kabul, Afghanistan
To be continued

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