USA in Afghanistan – A Long Term Strategic View – 4


The deductions that can be drawn from the above are: –

1. The USA did not come to Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban.

2. The USA by design destabilised Waziristan, Khyber, Bajaur and Mohmand to create a war like situation to justify international action to denuclearise Pakistan.

3. Pakistan needs to drastically revise its foreign policy making a clean break with USA and NATO and making peace with India and an alliance with Russia, China and Iran while preserving its nuclear deterrent.

4. It is worthwile quoting Henry Kissinger who said: It is one thing to have the USA as an enemy but to its friend is deadly!

5. The USA is part of Pakistan’s problems. Friendship with USA is not the solution. But who will bell the cat. Who will make the resolute decision? No peace in sight until Pakistan’s leaders and top military brass stop sleeping with the devil!

By: Agha H Amin from Kabul, Afghanistan