How 3 year old girl fell prey to Doctors


Narrates bereaved father of the little angel Imanae

“On November 29, 2009 at 3 am in the morning my 3 year old daughter, Imanae, spilt hot water on her wrist. My wife and I immediately took her to Doctors Hospital and Medical Center in Johar Town, Lahore. Although it was a very small burn, we chose to go to the hospital as our baby was in a lot of pain and we wanted her hurt to go away as quickly as possible.

At the hospital we were met by the emergency ward staff, who applied an ointment on her hand and gave her an injection to soothe the pain. When Imanae continued to cry because of the pain, the nurse called the doctor on duty. I noticed when he walked into the room that he had obviously been asleep and had just been woken up.
The doctor instructed the nurse to give Imanae another injection. Imanae however continued to cry. Fifteen minutes later, the sleepy doctor instructed the nurse to inject Imanae with the 3rd injection. All in all, 5mg of this anesthetic/pain killer was given. This was the moment when my little baby went silent and started losing consciousness. Just before she totally passed out, she started calling out my name and saying that everything was getting blurred and she couldn’t see clearly. Little did I know that these were the last words my daughter would ever say.”

Please click here to read the gory tale


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