Dubai Visitors and The Law

A British woman was celebrating her engagement with her fiancé in a Dubai hotel on New Year’s Eve. The next day the woman claimed and reported the case to the police that she was raped by a staff member of the hotel while lying semiconscious in the toilet. Upon questioning, the couple admitted having consumed alcohol and having sex out of wedlock. This being illegal in the UAE, the police charged them both with illegal drinking and adultery. Things become further complicated once it becomes clear that the woman is Muslim and so her actions contravene Sharia law. Of course, the original rape accusation was also recognised as a separate case, but this charge was proven to be false after reviewing CCTV footage.

As per Law: There are hotels in Dubai that are licensed to sell alcohol but consuming it is an offence. There are hotel rooms that a couple can check into but they can be arrested for having sexual relations if they are not husband and wife

Mishaal Al Gergawi, an Emirati commentator on socio-economic and cultural affairs in the UAE is of the view that Dubai is not unique because of its world-class infrastructure or business-friendly climate; these things can be replicated. It is unique because of its ability to accept people from around the world with different, and often contradictory values, provided they adhere to the lifestyle range that Dubai is willing to accept in the public sphere. It was always understood that this would not be exercised in private spaces and spaces designated for specific activities. If this case is actually the beginning of a campaign to end this understanding then we will be living in a very different city very soon. She proposes that the police that they should better focus on clamping down prostitution.


3 thoughts on “Dubai Visitors and The Law

  1. This is interesting…I’m curious to know what you would recommend in my situation. I think my fiancee might be cheating on me, but I do not have evidence. It’s more of a gut feeling. Do you think I should see about hiring a private investigator? Or should I confront him with my suspicions?

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