Embassy or School Business

The Pakistan International School in Damascus is run by the embassy of Pakistan but within five months after the arrival of new ambassador to Syria, appointed by President Zardari, Aminullah Raisani, in September 2009, the management and faculty of the school was changed altogether without giving any reason and the school was stuffed with the relatives of the ambassador.

Sister of the ambassador, Saeeda Yasmeen Raeesani appointed as Principal at $6,500 per month while the previous principal Syed Tauseef Bokhari was getting $2,500.
Another sister of the ambassador, Ms Abbas, appointed as Urdu teacher for $3,500 per month.

Two daughters of the ambassador, Amna Aminullah Raeesani and Quratulein Aminullah Raeesani, appointed as teachers at $3,000 per month

The school was paying only $1,700 for the same jobs to the previous teachers.

Brother-in-law of the ambassador, Muhammad Ishaque,appointed as accountant at $3,500 per month while previously accountant Imran was getting $900 a month.

Ambassador’s nephews, Attique-ur-Rehman and Syed Muhammad Ali, appointed as business teachers at $3,000 a month each while the previous men were being paid $1,500 a month.

Granddaughter of ambassador’s sister, Nayla Atiq, appointed Maths teacher at $3,000 a month while her predecessor was drawing $1,700 a month.

Son-in-law of ambassador’s sister, Ali Abdullah, and ambassador’s cousin, Muhammad Ahsan Shafique, appointed as teachers at $3,000 a month while their predecessors were drawing $1,500 a month.

Courtesy:- The News

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    This is the first embassedor who only represent his family in syria to syrian people and several syrian ministers dont like because of his behaviour and even his wife also tells every syrian and pakstani person that zardari appointed his husband and nobody can do anything agains them whatever they do. Although previous embassedor MR MANZER SHAFIQUE was profesional embassedor had been appointed in different countries in past.As this was his last duration of service and he wanted to do something rememble able in his history of service. So he tried his best to providing funds for school to made school really international standreded educational institute.Previous principal MR TOSIEF BUKHARI was qualified and profesional and had vast experiense in teaching field and also had been appionted as principal in his past in several institutes and all other terminated teachers like miss manal suleman miss vansa and more than 10 teachers were mastrers degree holders and were professional and were famous in all over demascus.I have seen their cvs on different web sites, and even MR ZAHID who is councelour in embaasy his own son who was student in last year in this school now have been appointed in that school school on very attactive salary.Also MR MOHD ATTA ULLAH who is also CONCELOUR in embassy were involved in some unethical actuiviteis in syria and several times he had been watched by syrian people and syrian inteligence agencies with some syrian ladies.He is on underwatch in syrian agencies becuase of such actuvities and a LETTER ABOUT THIS had issued to him from surveliance agancies in demascus embassy

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