Standard Chartered Bank Cheats Pakistani American Family

The following e-mail has been received from
Tariq Khattak, Columnist, Feature Writer & Editor Commerce, Pak Observer.
Cells: 0300/0333—9599-007

Subject: This Complaint of Fraud committed by Standard Chartered Bank against us[myself & wife]- in Pakistan

This Complaint To:

1) FOS [Financial Ombudsman Service/UK-govt]
2) FSA [Financial Services Authority/UK-govt]

Arshad Ali Khan[husband] & Shahida Khan[wife]
House # 10902 Creek Mist Drive, Cypress{Greater Houston},
Texas-77433, USA. [Note: we both are US-Citizens of Pakistan Origin & have Lived in USA for 40 years; we both were married in 1972; we are Tax-Payers in USA & Pakistan]

Ladies & Gents: Greetings
In This Complaint, We are asking UK-Authorities [FOS & FSA] to please immediately investigate SCB[UK] & to please immediately take action against SCB[UK].

We are asking UK-Authorities[FOS & FSA] to immediately ORDER SCB[UK] to Pay-back to us, our Fraudently Stolen approx TWO MILLION Rupees[2 Million Pak Rs] along with Profit, that SCB[PAK] with their sweet-words & via emails PROMISED, at approx rate-of-returns of 16% to 19%.

We have already Filed Complaints with Authorities in Pakistan, our below two[2] Complaints of FRAUD committed by SCB.

Our TWO Complaints are Recorded with Govt of Pakistan, as under:

1) Margalla Police Station, Islamabad: Police Register’s Report # 54{recorded at 9PM, on 12th March 2010} & officially by Police inspector Mohammad Hussain Lasi[SHO-Margalla Police Station]

2) Govt of Pakistan’s Federal investigation Agency[FIA] Head-Quarter, G-9, Islamabad: Director General Zafarullah Khan office{ph: +92-51-904-12257} Recorded & issued Register # CRDYNO 1856, on 13th March, 2010.

Both the above Police Reports/Records contain our provided Documents, that you[FOS & FSA] must please DEMAND from Pakistan Embassy in UK to officially provide to you, for your official investigation. Otherwise, Pakistan Govt will Hide &/or Destroy These TWO{2} Reports/Records, because SCB has Powerful Connections at the HIGHEST LEVELS of Govt of Pakistan

We also understand from Beauty-Parlours in islamabad, that several other Ladies have been also DeFrauded by SCB, exactly in the same manner. Several of these Ladies have contacted & discussed with us[myself & wife], but all these innocent Elderly Ladies are extremely AFRAID to File Police Reports in Pakistan, due to current 100% LAW-LESS situation in Pakistan; as SCB & its Co-Conspirators “The insurance Co’s” have Powerful Owners/Management{ who have practically Bought Police & Judiciary & Govt-officials, as being normally done today in Pakistan.

Please urgently take action & immediately reply[via email & Letter to our US address]. Best-Regards, Arshad A Khan & Shahida Khan


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