How to Handle Life

Since dawn I was caught by the question “How to handle life successfully”. Day came to an end but I still had no answer. When I went to bed in the evening, the question didn’t let me sleep. I started watching my room and, as if everything started talking to me.

The ceiling said, “Be high”
Fan said, “Be cool”
Clock said, “Value time”
Bulb said, “Eradicate darkness”
Book said, “Take counseling at every step”
Calendar said, “Be up to date”
Wallet said, “Save now for bad days”
Bed said, “Take proper rest to start a new day”
Mirror said, “Reflect before you act”
Wall said, “Share others load”
Window said expand the vision”
Door said, “Push hard to achieve the goals”
Floor said, “Always be down to earth”


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