Would the West have done the same?

A Western journalist working for a newspaper, who deliberately insulted the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and was herself found to be involved in distributing copies of the same blasphemous material in Pakistan, was allowed to stay on as a ‘courtesy gesture’ even though the visa of the journalist had been revoked by the authorities and officials in the FIA had arrived at the residence of the journalist on Friday (May 04, 2010) to escort her to the airport.

The Western journalist, working for the newspaper, which printed the blasphemous caricatures and refused to apologise for its action, was charged with distributing the copies of the blasphemous newspaper and her visa was revoked and as per the law, the journalist was asked to leave the country immediately.

However, at the last minute, a top official in the Islamabad Police was asked by a foreigner “not to insult the journalist” and allow her a graceful period of three, four days to ‘respectfully leave within the next three, four days.’”

His request was reportedly accommodated by the official in the Capital police, known for his soft and courteous mannerism. The question is whether he has taken his mannerism a bit too far in this treacherously emotional issue.

And another question also begs answering: had it been the other way round with a Pakistani journalist in a similar situation in a Western country, would the authorities of that country have taken an equally lenient view of the applicable rules and procedures to give an ‘honourable’ grace period? The answer is an emphatic no.

Courtesy: The News

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